Jabula sub-centralized solar energy system installation

A world first, Specialized Solar Systems completed its first installation of a sub-centralized solar energy system in conjunction with an innovative client in Cape Town, Solar Reach.  

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The installation was done on the outskirts of Cape town in the suburb called Jabula where grid-power is not available. It consisted of a sub-centralized solar energy station which is a central-based solar energy producing unit that will further supply remotely managed DC solar energy from a central point that will then branch out to further 9-11 house-holds.
The project is in its the first phase and the sub-centralized energy station efficiencies will now be carefully monitored before moving to the next stages that will include more solar panels and further energy monitoring to each of the individual households.

Hendrik Schloemann from Solar Reach, decided that each household will make use of a Pay as You Go billing packages supplied within Specialized Solar Systems online off-grid solar management utility, SSS-EPOWER. These billing packages consist of bundles much like cell phone services providers use.

SSS-EPOWER will be used to manage the power consumption, POS management, client management, remote switching and billing structure all remotely for the project. At each sub centralized unit installation, a street light is also erected creating much needed light for the community.


Renewable Energy and the Internet for All


Grid supply constraints and global warming has resulted in consumers seeking long-term cleaner and more reliable energy sources.

Renewable energy is a practical form of clean energy generation with rapidly improving technologies, better efficiencies, increased system longevity, economic viability and is not reliant on traditional expensive grid infrastructure.

Our systems offer advanced remote management and monitoring features that suit the diverse energy requirements and the affordability levels of a broad client base which includes:

  • Rural and farming sectors
  • Urban sectors
  • Commercial sectors
  • Enterprise sectors
  • Government sectors


Advocate a ‘shift’ in the approach of energy supply

  • The production and storage of energy at the location where the load is used.
  • Using lower levels of expertise for installation and system maintenance.
  • The use of renewable energy as a driver for socio-economic transformation.

Design and supply of renewable energy technologies

  • Intelligent Micro-grids.
  • Smart Metering solutions.
  • Distributed energy generation.
  • Utility restructuring.
  • Efficient DC powered appliances.

Creation of sustainable solutions for renewable energy sources.

  • Utility formation.
  • Remotely monitored managed energy systems using proven and emerging technologies.
  • Training and implementation programs, skills and ownership transferal

National Supply Goals Achieved - Domestic

  • Thoroughly tested pilots over the past 4 years
  • Established market penetration and reputation
  • Reduction of up to 70% of central supply capacity systems in the last 3 years in some African countries
  • Photovoltaic energy delivery - now a proven form of energy generation
  • 20 year life cycle of supply
  • Local involvement with remote control, various payment methodologies, end-user and system management
  • Reducing capital values of technical knowledge
  • Break-even point has been achieved
  • The use of controlled DC current

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Radio Talk Shows

Okkie van Zyl from Specialized Solar Systems talks about business opportunities in African markets(2016).

Jonathan Hodgson from Specialized Solar Systems explains some interesting solar concepts and explores the feasibility of the return of investment in using alternative solar energy systems as opposed to conventional energy on a radio talk show(2012).


Off-grid installation in the Garden Route South Africa

Another off-grid solar energy installation completed by the renewable energy experts at SPECIALIZED SOLAR SYSTEMS for a client living completely off the grid on a small holding located between Karatara and Rheenendal in the Garden Route, South Africa.

The off-grid energy systems supply electricity to the household and workshop and is completely isolated from the public electricity network.

These systems are independent power stations capable of powering a wide range of applications with dependable and reliable electricity that is no different to that supplied by the national electricity grid.

Whether it be for a small or large new or existing home, a station, business or an entire community that depends on large diesel generators, off-grid stand-alone power systems are commonly the reliable, clean, hassle free, cost competitive answer!

It is our recommendation that energy saving principles are put into practice and taken into consideration before such a system is purchased i.e. low wattage lighting, gas stove/geyser etc…

Summary of Equipment used for the installation:

  • 2250 Watt Array of Solar Modules [10Year Guarantee, 25Year 80% Yield]

  • 1380Amp hour 2V Cells at 24V with take-off leads, battery floats, log book, distilled water x 20L drum, interconnecting cables and hydrometer [1Year Guarantee, 10-15Year Lifespan]

  • 85Amp MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]

  • Victron BMV700 Precision Battery Monitor [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]

  • 5KVA 24V 120 Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]

  • System Programming and Maintenance/Owner Training    

Breakdown on supplied equipment for the off-grid installation: