Schmidtsdrift – Solar Energy brings hope to a struggling community


Renewable Energy and the Internet for All

Grid supply constraints and global warming has resulted in consumers seeking long-term cleaner and more reliable energy sources.

Renewable energy is a practical form of clean energy generation with rapidly improving technologies, better efficiencies, increased system longevity, economic viability and is not reliant on traditional expensive grid infrastructure.

Our systems offer advanced remote management and monitoring features that suit the diverse energy requirements and the affordability levels of a broad client base which includes:

  • Rural and farming sectors
  • Urban sectors
  • Commercial sectors
  • Enterprise sectors
  • Government sectors


Advocate a ‘shift’ in the approach of energy supply

  • The production and storage of energy at the location where the load is used.
  • Using lower levels of expertise for installation and system maintenance.
  • The use of renewable energy as a driver for socio-economic transformation.

SSS's new clip lock fastening system strength demo

Footage demonstrating the strength of Specialized Solar Systems new clip lock fastening system that is used to secure the frames for our solar panels. Apart from the strength, a major advantage is that no holes have to be made in the roof sheets to secure the unit thereby not compromising waterproofing.

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SSS at the AGRITECH EXPO 16-18th April 2016 — in Zambia

Images from our recent AGRITECH EXPO trip to Zambia which Specialized Solar Systems attended.

We thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the locals who were fascinated by the latest solar technologies and our unique products.

The days were spent demonstrating the various types of solar energy systems and our water pumping solutions. We also also collected data as we will be setting up shop in Zambia soon.

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Hybrid Solar PV Water Treatments Works Phase 1 - Groblershoop

Specialized Solar Systems, Kheis Municipality, Red Flow Advance Energy Storage and Peer Africa officially launched the competition for the 1st phase of a powerful Hybrid Solar PV Water Treatment Works back-up power supply micro-grid energy solution in Groblershoop, South Africa.


A 'ground breaking' first - the auspicious occasion was attended by municipality officials, company representatives, solar energy enthusiasts and many locals.

The Hybrid Solar PV system used for this pilot project is currently in its first phase of suppling solar generated energy to power the water pumping equipment for the Water Treatment Works (WTW) using the revolutionary Flow Battery System for energy storage.

The occasion was met with keen interest from other African countries, mines, shopping centers, etc as the contained micro-grid unit is quick to setup, powerful and has a multitude of practical applications.

Specialized Solar Systems has an additional 500 DC Micro-grids systems (SS20-75DC) in the area that efficiently supply’s solar energy in the houses of locals where grid power is not available.

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